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Hey! What's up? You are welcome to my One Piece blog, little pirate. This blog has been created to honor the work of great genius, Eiichiro Oda. As you can see, the content is entirely about One Piece.I try to make some gifs and edits, check to see if you like something, OK? What are you waiting? Follow me, big adventures are waiting for us!
Now ... You brought my meat? IHIHIHIHI :D
Fangirl: Monkey D. Luffy & Akagami no Shanks
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• Day 1: Favorite Mugiwara Pirate = Monkey D. Luffy
It's hard for me to pick favorite mugiwara, why do I have a great attachment to Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Franky. I ended up choosing Luffy. Why? It's simple, I love Luffy, summarizing I think he's a perfect boy. Emphasizing that his personality is like mine, I'm happy when someone says that. Very. I love you, Luffy!